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The first pottery with any claim to aesthetic interest appears in north China, in the basin of the Yellow River or Huanghe and in Gansu, about 4000 BC. During the Shang (16th - 11th century BC) and Zhou (11th - 221 BC) dynasties, a type of ceramic ware covered with a thin, glossy, greenish-brown glaze appeared. This ware differs from ordinary contemporaneous pottery in many respects; it is covered with a layer of glaze, the body is much harder than pottery and it was fired with a much higher temperature. The technique of firing glazed pottery was developed, and ash glazed ware based on grey ware forms was fired; this ware is also known as 'proto porcelain'. From the end of the Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C. - 403 B.C.) until the Warring States Period (403 B.C. - 221 B.C.), vitrified pottery with impressed decoration was produced, and there are also many example of ash-glazed ware patterned after bronze vessels.
After about sixteen centuries of development, in the late Eastern Han period (25-22), celadons of better quality were being produced in various places in Zhejiang province. The body is of much finer grain; the glaze has a more glossy surface and is more greenish in tone. During this period, there was a practice to place bronze, lacquer or jade objects in burials, but these objects were substituted by celadon versions in the succeeding Wei (220-265) and Jin (265-439) dynasties. The great demand for funerary celadons in turn stimulated technical advancements.
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26 An Ox and Carriage
Northern Qi (549-577)
OX-H:15.2 cm      Carriage-H:20.5 cm
211 An Ash-Glazed Pottery OX
Southern Dynasty(402-589)
H:18.2 cm L:24.7 cm
15 Three Painted Pottery Figures of Riders on Horses
H:32.5 cm
18 A Greenish Brown Glazed Vessel in the Shape of Lion
H:18.2 cm L:24.6 cm
19 A Large Grey Pottery Figure of Chimera
H:44 cm L:61.3 cm
20 A Green Glazed Dog
H:40.7 cm
21 A Green Glazed Dancing Figure
H:22.6 cm
25 A Green Glazed Jar
Western Jin (265-317)
H:44.5 cm
170 A Celadon Glazed Jar
Southern Dynasty(402-589)
H:18.6 cm Body.D:19.5 cm
51 A Tea-Brown Glazed Jar
Northern Qi (549-577)
H:13.1 cm Body.D:11.8 cm
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