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The conquering of China by the Mongols was to have a very important and lasting influence on China's ceramic production, Though the Mongols were in power for a little less than a century, it was a period of relative peace, prosperity and stability. Most important, the reopening up of major trade routes, both overland and by sea, meant that this was a period which overseas trade flourished, especially with regard to the ceramic industry. Ceramics, which were first produced in large quantities during the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368), were exported throughout the world, and were to influence ceramic production in many countries, particularly the Near East and Europe. In fact the production of ceramics in these countries was stimulated by their wish to reproduce ware from China. It was through these trades that cultural and artistic exchanges occurred between the Near East or Europe and China, which had a great influence on the development of Chinese blue and white porcelain.
102 A Limestone Stele with Inscriptions
First Year of Wuding (AD543) [Eastern Wei]
H:31.8 cm
50 A White Marble Stele with Inscriptions
Fourth Year of Tenpo (AD565)
H:41.3 cm W:21.6 cm
36 A Carved Wooden Figure of Buddha
Ming (1368-1644)
H:63.5 cm W:48 cm
14 A Painted and Carved Wooden Horse
Han (206BC-220AD)
H:66.5 cm W:47.5 cm
122 A Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Lacquer Low Table
Ming (1368-1644)
Table:48.525.6 cm H:14.9 cm
37 A Mother-of-Pearl Inlaid Lacquer Two Door Cabinet
Ming (1368-1644)
H:43.3 cm W:54.8 cm Depth:36.4cm
96 A Pair of Zitan Armchairs
Qing (1644-1911)
H:91.6 cm W:53.8 cm Depth:46.7 cm
108 A Stone Paper Weight
H:5.8 cm L:9.9 cm Depth:7.3 cm
76 A Group of Painted Officials
Yuan (1279-1368)
H:35-47 cm W:11-19 cm
77 A Bamboo Box with Inscriptions
H:25.4 cm D:38.9 cm
176 A Inkstone
Ming (1368-1644)
32.932.96.3 cm
41 A Large Scholar's Rock with Stand
Qing (1644-1911)
H:17.8 cm H with Stand:31.9 cm
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